A simple step-by-step process

Step 1—Survey Preparation

Cole Associates consultants meet with management to explain and prepare for the survey process and assess the organization's readiness for the survey.

Step 2—Survey Administration

An experienced Cole Associates consultant will act as a survey administrator. This individual will give clear and consistent instructions to each group of survey participants, create a confidential and supportive environment, and provide assistance to participants and management, as needed, to ensure a positive survey process.

Step 3—Survey Analysis

The survey responses are processed by computer and arranged in a variety of numerical and graphical formats for easy analysis. A Cole Associates principal reviews the data in detail and writes a comprehensive and insightful report for management that summarizes and interprets the survey results. Management can be provided with the following:

  • Executive Report: a written report to management with Cole Associates' analysis and recommendations.
  • Summary Report: graphical and statistical results for the entire work force by category and by question.
  • Detail Reports: survey results by category and by question broken down in the areas and demographic segments requested by management. Cole Associates provides an analysis by "bargaining unit" as well as by department.
  • Written Comments Report: written comments made by participants and by department. A summary analysis of the written comments is included in the Executive Report.

Step 4—Management Presentation

Cole Associates consultants meet with management to provide their interpretation of the survey results and to present their recommendations for manage-ment consideration.

Step 5—Feedback of Survey Results

Cole Associates consultants will assist management in the feedback process. This can include written feedback to survey participants as well as training managers and supervisors to conduct feedback meetings and constructive discussions with employees.

Step 6—Development of Action Plan

Cole Associates consultants will assist management in designing and implementing a set of actions that will build on the strengths and eliminate or minimize the weak areas that were identified in the survey and discussions. An emphasis is placed on management action that is tangible, credible and of significance in responding to the survey participants. The work force is kept clearly informed of progress and appropriately involved in the process.

Step 7—Survey Follow-Up

Cole Associates consultants are available for periodic process evaluation and consultation to provide an objective measurement of progress and input for adjustments to the action plan. Within 18 to 24 months, another survey is recommended to measure the amount of change that has occurred since the previous survey.

VISION Employee Opinion Survey Process