VISION is a process...
a way to understand your people
and a way to let them know you.

Do surveys really give you useful information?

Yes. Employee feelings and perceptions about their work environment often have a powerful impact on their performance and commitment to organizational goals. It is difficult for management to obtain accurate and thorough information about many of these issues without an effective management tool such as a survey.

Do surveys "stir up" problems?

No. Employee opinion surveys do not cause problems if properly designed and implemented. They will, however, clearly reveal problems and opportunities that are in existence in current work relationships. If problems do exist, it is certainly much better for management to know about them.

Do surveys create unrealistic expectations?

Not if the survey is properly communicated and administered. Employees know that the world is not going to change overnight just because a survey has been given. Management makes no promises, except the promise to listen to the employees with an open mind and give their comments serious consideration.

Do surveys cause supervisors concern about how the results might effect them?

Sometimes. Surveys are certainly one way of measuring how effective supervisors are as leaders. Anytime an individual's performance is being tested or measured, an amount of concern is understandable. However, a survey is not intended to hurt anyone, but rather to identify areas of strength and weakness in order to build on the strong and take constructive action toward the weak areas.

Do surveys disrupt work?

The Cole Associates survey is designed and administered to ensure that there is very little disruption of work. The average completion time of our survey is 25 minutes. The modest investment on time may well be rewarded with improvements in work relationships and greater job performance.

VISION Employee Opinion Survey FAQ