VISION is a process...
a way to understand your people
and a way to let them know you.

Improve Employee Relations with VISION

Cole Associates' VISION Employee Opinion Survey is a working process that helps you see your workplace from the employee's viewpoint.

VISION Is Unique

VISION is not just another multiple choice survey with a computer print-out left for you to decipher. VISION is a working tool and process that helps you truly know your people so that you can make knowledge-able choices and decisions. As an effective management tool, VISION builds full commitment and high performance in work relationships.

What makes the VISION process uniquely effective is the broad expertise of Cole Associates consultants and the comprehensiveness of the Cole Associates survey process. Each survey process is designed to meet your organization's specific needs from the survey design to analysis, interpretation, quality of the report, recommendations to management, effective feedback and a working action plan.

Simple to Administer

The Cole Associates' survey is simple to administer and focuses only on a compact set of 70 core questions that measure 16 categories crucial to full commitment and high performance in work relationships—management asks and receives only the information it needs, whether that is a quick overview or detailed results. A paper-based survey may be administered for relatively small groups. Or an online survey can be used to administer it to organizations of any size.

Flexible Survey Design and Administration

The VISION process provides significant flexibility to management in survey design, administration and cost. Management can add custom designed questions to the core survey in order to address their specific issues of concern. Additionally, the level of detail contained in the reports can be varied to meet the needs and the cost constraints of the organization.

Accurate Results

VISION accurately reflects the perceptions and opinions of the work force. Our principals have conducted employee opinion surveys involving thousands of survey participants in health care, manufacturing, trans-portation, retail, mining and financial service industries over the past 15 years. This experience has provided us with invaluable insight. The design of our survey questions and the process by which we administer the survey reflect this wealth of experience.

For example, our consultants will determine if the organizational climate is conducive to an effective survey. We are not interested in just selling our clients a survey. A survey has to be done at the right time and in the right way. A positive and constructive environment is developed for the survey process.

Cost Effectiveness

We developed VISION as a state-of-the-art package for our clients with no unnecessary or expensive frills. Your custom involvement in the preparation of VISION for your organization offers substantial cost control.

Confidentiality of Comments and Results

Anonymity of the individual participants in VISION is always protected. This will be communicated to employees frequently. In addition, the survey results of our clients belong exclusively to them. With the client's permission, those results are entered anonymously into the CA database so that useful normative data is available to users of the CA survey. With this single exception, the survey results are maintained only by the client.

Data and Information

Extensive amounts of data are arranged and "layered" so the important issues of a survey are easily identified by client.

Also, an analysis by "bargaining unit" can be provided in addition to normal demographic breakdowns. This enables management to see important employee and labor relations issues within the work force.

An extensive norm database is available for clients to use in comparing the results of their survey with other similar organizations.

VISION Employee Opinion Survey Overview