Manage a union-free organization
Gain better work relationships and a higher quality,
more positive work environment... union free

Positive Human Resource Management Systems

Cole Associates designs and implements positive practices that encourage performance, express mutual commitment and make unions unnecessary.

Human Resource Management Audits

Cole Associates conducts periodic audits to determine how effectively organizations are managing their human resources. CA audits identify practices that interfere with performance and cause undue dissatisfaction. CA assists in developing and implementing simple but practical solutions to resolve these problems before they become more serious.


The FAIR process (Final Assessment and Independent Review) is a grievance or complaint resolution system developed by Cole Associates, Inc., especially for union-free work relationships. FAIR successfully addresses due process and the constructive resolution of complaints and grievances in the workplace. Custom designed by Cole Associates to fit each client's individual culture and needs, FAIR not only makes unions unnecessary, it makes litigation over sex, race, age, employment at will and other issues far less likely. The training, communications, and continuing support provided by Cole Associates gives the process tremendous credibility with jobholders.

Management Training and Development

Cole Associates conducts a two-day workshop for first line supervisors and middle management to give them the understanding and skills needed in "Managing to Stay Non-Union." This workshop covers positive employee relations, union organizing techniques and key management strategy and tactics necessary to lawfully counter the union effort. Action-oriented, practical and designed to improve on-the-job performance of managers and supervisors, Cole Associates' two-day workshop includes a realistic simulation of a union campaign and election.

Management Briefings

Knowledge of current trends in labor and employee relations allows management to stay on top of labor union strategies and tactics. Cole Associates offers management briefings to organizations on practical recommendations for action by organizations that wish to remain union free.

Win NLRB Elections
Defeat Union Organizing Attempts and Win Union Elections

Cole Associates has a superior track record in defeating union organizing attempts and in winning union elections. CA has successfully coordinated many of the most challenging and sensitive elections in the last ten years.

A Step-by-Step Approach Wins the Election

In-Depth Assessment
Cole Associates CA identifies the key issues as well as the motivations and positions of the individuals and groups in the workforce. This assessment is used to plan and implement a communications effort that will stop the union organizing effort before card signing is completed and a petition for an election is filed.

If a petition for election is filed prior to Cole Associates' involvement, work begins with the labor attorney to develop the organization's position on the appropriate voting unit, date, location and polling times for the election. The decisions made about these critical issues and the way the employer's position is communicated to the voting unit can have a major impact on the outcome of the election and the future performance of the firm.

Positive Campaign Practices
Confident active managers and supervisors make credible communicators to the workforce. Cole Associates trains and coaches management so that they are prepared to help eligible voters make an informed decision. Voters will come to election day with a full understanding of the union's track record, how collective bargaining really works, and the employer's position and record of accomplishment.

Conducting a legal, truthful and positive campaign wins elections.

Cole Associates firmly believes that the only way to really "win" a union election is to conduct the campaign in a legal, truthful and positive manner. The campaign process should result in organizational growth and development, the restoration of mutual commitments and increased leadership effectiveness. Cole Associates understands this sensitive process and will provide practical and effective guidance with the focus on your organization's long-term goals and needs. We do it the right way for long-term rewards.

Regaining a Union-Free Work Relationship

Cole Associates can assist employers considering decertification of the union by assessing the situation and implementing with management a plan of action that is effective and supportive of the organization’s workforce and strategic objectives.

A union-free work relationship can be regained if employees decide to do so. Though the process is not a simple one, the rewards to owners, managers and employees can make it well worth the effort. Cole Associates can guide you and your organization smoothly through the effort.

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