Human Resources Administration

Positive practices in Human Resources management can encourage performance and express mutual commitment toward building a team. Cole Associates effectively works with management on:

  • Policy development
  • Employee handbooks
  • Performance appraisal systems
  • Promotion systems
  • Corrective discipline practices
  • Employee involvement systems
  • Culture development
  • Recruitment strategies
  • Regulation compliance

Human Resources Management

Some organizations do not have the expertise of a full-time Human Resources Manager. Cole Associates will provide on-site visits and consultation to assist in resolving any problems or issues that may arise. In addition, we can develop simple but effective systems that line managers can implement.

  • Custom systems to meet your needs
  • On-site consultation
  • Day-to-day phone consultation

Compensation and Reward Systems

It seems almost too obvious that effective pay systems are a critical element in developing full commitment and high performance in work relationships. Yet, in many organizations, existing systems do not challenge individuals to excellent performance, nor are they cost effective. Cole Associates’ programs include the following:

  • Non-Exempt
  • Executive Compensation
  • Incentive Systems
  • Job Description
  • Standards Based Performance Appraisal System

Human Resources